Trail 8#

For a moment it stopped beating, a glance from you.


Trail 7#

Playtime is the best sort of time to ever exist.

Trail 6#

To my imaginary friend. I thank you for the times you have lent me your shoulder. I hope I can return the favour.

Trail 5#

I believe in love. The world seems to disagree.

Trail 4#

Your words to me are the never ending spoiler. What a twist!

Trail 3#

Trying new things is like the first feeling of snow. Very cold in the beginning, but nothing compared to the everlasting happiness that it brings.

Trail 2#

When you picked me up from the ground.I wish I had met you earlier.

Trail 1#

The pain you get from someone you don’t even know.

I wonder if, receiving love feel just as good.




“But you’re so far-away”

These words seem like stars compared to the thought of you. Every second and step away, is another peripheral to my heart. I’ve heard many times, “Take a leap of faith”. I ask myself, why don’t I just walk, as if I take a leap of faith with every step.

Maybe those that dwell of precious moments to them, feel as if that’s all they got. A narrow path to walk down, nonetheless a path with memories, wide enough to make a thin piece of string, last as long as the faraway stars.

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