Trail 17#

Puddles, Some puddles are too big of a gap to make a leap of faith.


Trail 16#

I wish to be a man that stands in the rain, that smiles to the beauty that falls upon him.

Trail 15#

A dog trying to catch its own tail is like everyone waking up to the same day they’ve lived for years.

Trail 14#

“Cheers to you”.

Trail 13#

Someday we’ll hold hands and let go. Only for us to look back, and try and hold them again.

Trail 12#

I don’t wish for my dreams to rest. I wish for them to be awake.

Trail 11#


you’re strong enough to carry the weight of the world on your back right?

Trail #10

I’m tired too.

Trail #9

You protect me from the small things that trip me.

And I protect you from the big walls that falls over you.

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