Second Thoughts


“sigh”, A cold breath, an intercity. Then me, a self-serving checkout not concerned about the politics outside. This world, my world, crumbles upon the thought of every failure achieved throughout my life. A profit no more than a child wishing to turn back time. As I sit back behind the taxi driver, my thoughts begin to spiral out of control and the target is none other than me. “You might be wondering where I’m going”. “Please tell me too”. I just like you, are wondering where I’m going. What am I searching for? I don’t fit in this robotic world, that goads at the foundation of accomplishing the perfect score. I just want to find my place in this large piece of puzzle.

Days are getting longer, but my body ages with every second that I call break.

My friends always wondered why do I like the dark. Maybe me and the dark night are not that different. We both are waiting for that light, the light that shines upon us and revealing what we really are. When it’s my time to leave, I’ll wonder why it took so long and not how far I’ve reached.